Soundry AI:  

Text-to-sample generation for music producers, sound designers, and songwriters.

Why should I use Soundry AI?

Create unlimited musical variations
Become easily inspired
Faster than sound design
More expressive than sample libraries


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What is this?
An AI text-to-sound generator capable of creating studio-quality audio samples on the fly.
Is this for me?
If you need inspiration or want to speed up your music writing process, Soundry AI is for you.
What training data was used?
A large dataset of sounds from consenting artists. Click here to read more.
Do you compensate artists?
Absolutely, and we hope to inspire others to do so too. Click here to partner with us.
Can I use generated samples in my songs?
Yes, all generated samples are royalty free! Click here to read more.
How can I join the Soundry AI community?
Join our Discord here and help make our tool better!

Our Team

our team

Mark Buckler, PhD

Founder, CEO

Justin Parus

Co-Founder, CTO

Diandre Ruiz / Bandlez

Co-Founder, CPO

Davis Wu

Founding Engineer, SWE

Ray Blandford

Contractor, SWE

Nick Lyons / Nyptane

Contractor, Audio Engineer

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